1. Light switch doesn't work anymore - more

  2. Outside outlets ceased to work - more

  3. Top or bottom half of outlet doesn't work - more

  4. Bathroom outlet quit working - more

  5. Smoke detector keeps chirping - more

  6. Half of house is without power - more

  7. Electric bill is higher than normal - more

  8. Water heater isn't heating water - more

  9. Dryer runs but won't heat up - more

  10. I can only plug in one portable heater or breaker trips - more

  11. Motion detection lights won't turn or or stay on - more

Question:  My husband replaced one of the switches that used to operate a light
from two different locations and now the light doesn't work at all.

Answer: Sounds like he's crossed a couple wires or replaced the wrong
3-way switch.


Question: My outside outlets quit working.

Answer: Check to see if it is a GFCI type with a reset button. If not
check panel for a tripped breaker. Check bathroom outlets to see if they
are the GFCI type and are tripped.


Question: The top or bottom half of my outlet doesn't work.

Answer: Many homes have switched outlets, usually in living rooms, dens,
and bedrooms. You may have loose wiring or an inoperable switch.


Question: My guest bathroom outlet quit working and it isn't one of those GFCI
types like the one in my master bath.

Answer: Check to see if the master bath GFCI is tripped, if not check
breaker panel for a tripped breaker.


Question: My smoke detector keeps chirping and I've already replaced the battery.

Answer: Sometimes smoke detectors require a light vacuuming, if that
does help, replacement may be necessary.


Question:  Half my house doesn't seem to have power.

Answer: Check for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. If not, call your
power company and they can tell you at no charge if you need to call an


Question: My electric bill is a lot more than it usually costs.

Answer: Most of the time it is a bad water heater thermostat or the heat
strips in your furnace operating continuously.


Question:  Water heater doesn't seem to be getting or staying hot like it usually

Answer: Could be a thermostat or element that has gone bad.


Question: My dryer runs, but doesn't heat up.

Answer: Dryers operate off 240 volts., but the tumbler motor operates
off 120 volt. Breaker could be bad or you could have a bad dryer


Question: I can only plug in one portable heater at a time or they will trip

Answer: Check the wattage rating on the heater label. Most of the time
heaters require a circuit by themselves. See if there is and outlet on a
different breaker you can operate the other heater from.


Question: I had one of those motion lights installed, but it sometimes stays on
all the time or doesn't come on at all.

Answer: If motion light is switched, turn switch off and then back on.
This should reset the light.


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