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Institutional Electricians

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Kenco Electric, Inc. can deliver the electrical services needed to help design and build new institutional structures such as schools and municipal buildings. We put the same kind of dedication and commitment into wiring these buildings as we would residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Kenco Electric, Inc. makes sure these new institutional buildings have full connectivity and networking. This is essential for using online educational tools and communication systems. Institutional buildings can’t operate the way they should if they don’t have full networking capabilities. We will draft the perfect electrical design for these new buildings and make sure everything is installed properly. If you run into electrical problems, you can call us for full repair and upgrade services.

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Kenco Electric, Inc. can help developers overseeing the construction of new schools, hospitals, government buildings, and other institutional offices. We handle new electrical installations and repairs for these buildings. We can ensure the electrical system is properly maintained so there are no safety issues down the road. We also install generators, networking equipment, intercoms, lighting, and more to meet all your institutional needs.

Contact Kenco Electric, Inc. to handle the installation of electrical systems and equipment for new institutional property builds. We can also handle repairs and maintenance. We can start with a professional inspection of your building and provide the service you need to get everything working properly.

Learn more about the electrical construction services we provide for commercial, industrial, and institutional building projects.